Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss. Twitchit

     This is Miss. Twitchit. She was found in a field (probably hunting), was malnourished and attention starved. The man who found her thought she would make a good friend for my great grandmother because a long time ago had two beautiful Siamese cats. She is extremely talkative, a picky eater, very independent, and likes scratches at the base of her tail.
     Today I took her to my vet to get treated for worms and she was super cute! She huddled into my sweater and had very sweaty toes (something I have never seen before). Are sweaty toe-beans normal for cats? I guess I thought that cats and dogs didn't really sweat, because they pant.
     Sadly, I didn't get very many good photos of Miss. T today, but she is a bauty and I'm sure I'll see her again soon.

Colette As A Baby

This was her first night home!
That little kitten-litter box was made out of a Ritz cracker box! The kittens used it for a couple days, then we realized it was much to small. :)

I put this photo on my credit card! :) I love customized cards!

Her red-rimmed eyes remind me of an addict. :P

Look at those pupils!