Saturday, August 18, 2012

Theme Park Romance

This silly photo is one of my favorite pictures of Chaun and me together. It was back when we first started dating and we were working at a theme park way out in the sticks. This pic was taken on a cell phone before the time of smart phones, so the quality isn't very good; but the memory is still the same. 
I really love how much younger we both look, four years is a long time when you're just kids like us. It's crazy to visualize myself back at that point, in that truck, with my future husband. :) 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Engagement Photos

My darling Chaun and I just got married!! These are our engagement photos. They were taken by a friend at her beautiful property. :) 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss. Twitchit

     This is Miss. Twitchit. She was found in a field (probably hunting), was malnourished and attention starved. The man who found her thought she would make a good friend for my great grandmother because a long time ago had two beautiful Siamese cats. She is extremely talkative, a picky eater, very independent, and likes scratches at the base of her tail.
     Today I took her to my vet to get treated for worms and she was super cute! She huddled into my sweater and had very sweaty toes (something I have never seen before). Are sweaty toe-beans normal for cats? I guess I thought that cats and dogs didn't really sweat, because they pant.
     Sadly, I didn't get very many good photos of Miss. T today, but she is a bauty and I'm sure I'll see her again soon.

Colette As A Baby

This was her first night home!
That little kitten-litter box was made out of a Ritz cracker box! The kittens used it for a couple days, then we realized it was much to small. :)

I put this photo on my credit card! :) I love customized cards!

Her red-rimmed eyes remind me of an addict. :P

Look at those pupils!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nenne As A Baby

This was the first night he came home.

He was so tiny!!

He's a little alien. 

Pet me!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wheat Fields

Last summer I was driving into town, and was awe struck by the beauty of my surroundings. The setting sun cast a golden light on the endless sea of fields surrounding me. The wheat softly flowed together and looked as soft as dandelion seeds. I knew that if I plucked one from the soil and softly blew, the kernels would lightly drift away. I felt the presence of God surrounding me in the beauty of his creation and wanted to preserve the feeling of contentment I had. Thankfully, I carry my camera with me at all times; so I pulled over and got out. The photographs I took give me such a feeling of peace that I am jealous of the me that was behind the camera.
I love when God gives me moments such as these!

(I definitely suggest clicking these to see them larger!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pit Bull Stereotypes Make Me Sad

This dog is SO cute!!

       I never realized how many people buy into Pit Bull stereotypes. For an english assignment I had to write about a logical fallacy that I see occurring in everyday society. I chose what I thought is the easiest one, people making quick generalizations.  I wrote about how people quickly say that all Pit Bull Terriers are mean, aggressive, and unsafe to have around families. Basically, my essay said that this stereotype is ridiculous.
       I work with a girl who is taking the same english class as me, and the day after it was due I asked her what her paper was about. I think it had something to do with golf? I can't remember. But anyway, a guy I work with overheard my topic and went into this huge spiel about how terrible and dangerous Pit Bulls are. It made me really sad to hear his beliefs on Pit Bulls. He has never had any experience with Pit Bulls (good or bad) and his view solely came from the media.... which is a terrible source for information (without proof that it's fact).
       I do agree that their are Pit Bulls out there that are mean, but those dogs became that way because of the way their humans treated them. I think that is true of any breed though; if a dog is neglected and taught to be aggressive, that is how it will be. I personally LOVE Pit Bulls, and when I get a dog that breed is one of my first choices. :)
On Easter this year my siblings, fiance and I had a mini easter egg hunt. It was fun and silly. There were five of us, so we each had five eggs. We each took turns going into the house while the other siblings hid an egg for the person inside. I took a few really cute photo's of Chaun and Bobbi (my parent's little heeler). I nickname her Bobbi Birdman because I really like that artist. When I take her to obedience school this summer (she's just a pup) I am going to say her name is Bobbi Birdman. lol

Bobbi was attentive to me during all of the photos.
My fiance on the other hand......

Chaun doesn't normally look like such a tard;
he just can't resist Bobbi's cute kisses!!

Aw! I love them both!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am seriously going to buy this shirt. Etsy + Pit Bull + Pink (I mainly wear cool colors and want to spice up my color wearability) = Perfect for me!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dogs in an Old Folks Home

      Today I went to an old folk's home with some dogs from the animal shelter. Of course, this wasn't to get them adopted, but just to make the people living in the home happy. I will admit, I was a little nervous to be around the elderly people; sometimes they are sick and say odd things that I don't know how to reply too. When I was there though, with these dogs, my anxieties were completely blown away. I loved hearing stories of the dogs that these people had in the past, or about the dogs that their children own. They were all so excited to see the pups and to ask about their breeds and names.
       The two dogs that we brought were pretty funny. The first was a cute six month old Lab - Mastiff mix (even though I can only see Lab so far). She is a crazy puppy that snatches treats and gulps them down without even chewing. The second was a thick-chested, chocolate/brindle Pit Bull Terrier. She would lie down on the cool tile floor every time we stopped. Some people didn't like her when they saw that she was a Pit, but she was actually a sweeter, more well behaved dog than the puppy.
       Obviously, my heart goes for animals, but seeing these old folks made me pretty sad. When we talked to them and asked how their day was going all but two people said "OK". One lady was even crying
(and not it a psycho, my brain is wigging out, kind of way). Once the upset lady saw the dogs she became a little happier and wanted to pet them.
        Are their old folk homes that allow pets? I feel that that would make people so much happier. I know that if I lived in a home, I would want at least a kitty. Truthfully, I can't live without pets; I have two kittens in an apartment that doesn't allow any animals.... not even fish. :P

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dogs In My Life

     I used to hate dogs. My knowledge of them was limited to the black and tan coon hounds that my dad hunted with. He would sic them on my cat for training (who was a fabulous escapee) and they jumped all over me. I felt that cats were the good guys and that dogs were the bad guys. 
    This all changed when I met Chaun's family. They have four very unique dogs... lovingly referred to as 'the children', and 'the pack'. 

I can roll the window down completely because he couldn't jump out if he tried.

    The first is a giant English Mastiff named Samuel. He has some hip problems, thus requires people to baby him. He was adopted from some people who couldn't take care of him like he needs. Whenever I go over to Chaun's parents house, Sam says hello by head butting me, and he is so big that he just shoves me around. haha :) 
    The pack leader is an Alaskan Malamute. Nikita makes the best eye contact that I have ever seen in a dog, and she licks any body part unclothed. She likes to boss me around by jumping and licking my face. I am a very petite person, so she easily gets away with this. Not that I mind very much. :P She only does this to me, even Chaun doesn't believe that she jumps on me. I think Nikita see's me as a joke.... I swear she laughs at me. 

Please let me sit on your lap!

     Beau is the next in line. He is a small Black Lab. This dog was raised in an apartment setting, so he acts like a big cat. He hardly barks, and doesn't have the energy levels of most labs. He loves to cuddle, and usually doesn't come to say hello. He patiently waits until you come over to say hi to him. :)
     The last dog in the pack is a Schnauzer named Cher. She was adopted from Chaun's Aunt who was moving to a place that doesn't really allow dogs. Cher is known as the gremlin because whenever anyone picks her up, she growls crazily. Oddly enough, she loves this; It's like her way of playing. When she walks, she has to build up momentum by rocking back and forth. She's not fat, it's just that her legs are very short. HAHA :) Thinking about her walking makes me laugh. 
     There are two other dogs that try to worm their way into the pack. One is a neighborhood black and tan coon hound (uughh) named Jake that likes to come over all the time. The other is a Chocolate Lab named George owned by Chaun's sister, Ally. Chaun and I nicknamed George, 'the cousin' because he likes to come over and cause trouble, but I don't think I would tell Ally that.... haha :) 
     Hopefully I will one day have a dog with a cute nickname that can be a part of this silly dog family. :) I will post photos of all these doggies soon.  .....Except for Jake. He isn't around long enough when I am there for a photo shoot. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Beginning

     To start off, I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Chantille and I have always wanted to start a blog. Whether or not people read it doesn't matter...  it'll simply be a place where I can organize the ideas and images that inspire me. Some of those things are:

Triangles in cool colors
Boston Terriers (pretty much all dogs and animals)
Fair trade items
Original works of art ( I hate prints VERY MUCH)
Quirks in life
Lately, Pintrest and Etsy

     Currently, I am a student with no chosen major at a little community college in Idaho. I am taking an English class where my teacher tells me my writing is confusing and that I need to proof read my work. I am sorry, but those flaws will probably show through in my writing. Mainly, I think this will be a place of photographs... especially because summer is on the horizon. :) 
     Nenne & Colette are my two darling kittens. They were a birthday present of sorts.... they were born on my birthday, July 24. I didn't even know of their existence though at that point. My fiance (Chaun, pronounced Shawn) and I adopted them a month or two after their birth. Here they are. :) The white little girl is Colette and the gray (Chaun - the color confused one - says tan) with white boy is Nenne.