Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Beginning

     To start off, I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Chantille and I have always wanted to start a blog. Whether or not people read it doesn't matter...  it'll simply be a place where I can organize the ideas and images that inspire me. Some of those things are:

Triangles in cool colors
Boston Terriers (pretty much all dogs and animals)
Fair trade items
Original works of art ( I hate prints VERY MUCH)
Quirks in life
Lately, Pintrest and Etsy

     Currently, I am a student with no chosen major at a little community college in Idaho. I am taking an English class where my teacher tells me my writing is confusing and that I need to proof read my work. I am sorry, but those flaws will probably show through in my writing. Mainly, I think this will be a place of photographs... especially because summer is on the horizon. :) 
     Nenne & Colette are my two darling kittens. They were a birthday present of sorts.... they were born on my birthday, July 24. I didn't even know of their existence though at that point. My fiance (Chaun, pronounced Shawn) and I adopted them a month or two after their birth. Here they are. :) The white little girl is Colette and the gray (Chaun - the color confused one - says tan) with white boy is Nenne. 

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