Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dogs In My Life

     I used to hate dogs. My knowledge of them was limited to the black and tan coon hounds that my dad hunted with. He would sic them on my cat for training (who was a fabulous escapee) and they jumped all over me. I felt that cats were the good guys and that dogs were the bad guys. 
    This all changed when I met Chaun's family. They have four very unique dogs... lovingly referred to as 'the children', and 'the pack'. 

I can roll the window down completely because he couldn't jump out if he tried.

    The first is a giant English Mastiff named Samuel. He has some hip problems, thus requires people to baby him. He was adopted from some people who couldn't take care of him like he needs. Whenever I go over to Chaun's parents house, Sam says hello by head butting me, and he is so big that he just shoves me around. haha :) 
    The pack leader is an Alaskan Malamute. Nikita makes the best eye contact that I have ever seen in a dog, and she licks any body part unclothed. She likes to boss me around by jumping and licking my face. I am a very petite person, so she easily gets away with this. Not that I mind very much. :P She only does this to me, even Chaun doesn't believe that she jumps on me. I think Nikita see's me as a joke.... I swear she laughs at me. 

Please let me sit on your lap!

     Beau is the next in line. He is a small Black Lab. This dog was raised in an apartment setting, so he acts like a big cat. He hardly barks, and doesn't have the energy levels of most labs. He loves to cuddle, and usually doesn't come to say hello. He patiently waits until you come over to say hi to him. :)
     The last dog in the pack is a Schnauzer named Cher. She was adopted from Chaun's Aunt who was moving to a place that doesn't really allow dogs. Cher is known as the gremlin because whenever anyone picks her up, she growls crazily. Oddly enough, she loves this; It's like her way of playing. When she walks, she has to build up momentum by rocking back and forth. She's not fat, it's just that her legs are very short. HAHA :) Thinking about her walking makes me laugh. 
     There are two other dogs that try to worm their way into the pack. One is a neighborhood black and tan coon hound (uughh) named Jake that likes to come over all the time. The other is a Chocolate Lab named George owned by Chaun's sister, Ally. Chaun and I nicknamed George, 'the cousin' because he likes to come over and cause trouble, but I don't think I would tell Ally that.... haha :) 
     Hopefully I will one day have a dog with a cute nickname that can be a part of this silly dog family. :) I will post photos of all these doggies soon.  .....Except for Jake. He isn't around long enough when I am there for a photo shoot. 

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