Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pit Bull Stereotypes Make Me Sad

This dog is SO cute!!

       I never realized how many people buy into Pit Bull stereotypes. For an english assignment I had to write about a logical fallacy that I see occurring in everyday society. I chose what I thought is the easiest one, people making quick generalizations.  I wrote about how people quickly say that all Pit Bull Terriers are mean, aggressive, and unsafe to have around families. Basically, my essay said that this stereotype is ridiculous.
       I work with a girl who is taking the same english class as me, and the day after it was due I asked her what her paper was about. I think it had something to do with golf? I can't remember. But anyway, a guy I work with overheard my topic and went into this huge spiel about how terrible and dangerous Pit Bulls are. It made me really sad to hear his beliefs on Pit Bulls. He has never had any experience with Pit Bulls (good or bad) and his view solely came from the media.... which is a terrible source for information (without proof that it's fact).
       I do agree that their are Pit Bulls out there that are mean, but those dogs became that way because of the way their humans treated them. I think that is true of any breed though; if a dog is neglected and taught to be aggressive, that is how it will be. I personally LOVE Pit Bulls, and when I get a dog that breed is one of my first choices. :)

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