Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Easter this year my siblings, fiance and I had a mini easter egg hunt. It was fun and silly. There were five of us, so we each had five eggs. We each took turns going into the house while the other siblings hid an egg for the person inside. I took a few really cute photo's of Chaun and Bobbi (my parent's little heeler). I nickname her Bobbi Birdman because I really like that artist. When I take her to obedience school this summer (she's just a pup) I am going to say her name is Bobbi Birdman. lol

Bobbi was attentive to me during all of the photos.
My fiance on the other hand......

Chaun doesn't normally look like such a tard;
he just can't resist Bobbi's cute kisses!!

Aw! I love them both!!

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